Sara Pendjer attended co – chair circle retreat 2019


Sara PendjerOn June 6 and 7, attorney at law from our law office and a co – chair of Under 40 section of Arbitration Association, Ms. Sara Pendjer attended a co – chair circle retreat that took place at the beautiful lake Neusiedl in the south of Austria. The host of this year’s co – chair circle retreat was YAPP (Young Austrian Arbitration practitioners). Co – chairs from around 20 countries (including but not limited to Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, France, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Turkey, Austria, Czech Republic) discussed the best practices on how to involve members to young arbitration associations as well as on how to ensure their active participation. Second topic that was on the floor was is the below/above 40 division outdated and how can under 40 ensure their seat on the adults table. Some of the conclusions were that events for under 40 shall remain free of charge; that all organizations shall work more actively in order to attract not only attorneys but also in – house lawyers to take participation; that no show off policy shall remain the drive among young arbitration organizations; that venues and conferences shall be followed by respectable social events. The fact that all participants already marked June 05 and 06, 2020 in their calendars for upcoming co – chair circle retreat and Global Conference of Co – Chairs in Brussels speaks for itself how fruitful and successful this event was.