It’s never been more important to have an international approach – to look beyond your borders and adopt the best practice from wherever you can find it. It’s a lesson that at Stankovic & Partners (NSTLAW) we have taken to heart. Many of our clients are multinational companies and consequently a good proportion of our work involves complex cross-border financings and multijurisdictional transactions or disputes. This often requires us to work alongside leading international law firms, and we like to think that we offer the same standards and style of service available at these global firms – with carefully tailored, pragmatic advice and high levels of responsiveness coming as standard.

In order to help us provide a truly global service to our clients, we are a member of two global referral networks. The LNA (Legal Netlink Alliance) is a global organisation of carefully-selected, mainly mid-sized independent law firms which for 20 years has served the needs of clients worldwide. At the time of writing it has members based in 37 key jurisdictions across Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

In October 2016 we also joined the Nextlaw Global Referral Network. With over 500 law firms and over 26,000 lawyers in over 200 countries at the time of writing, Nextlaw describes itself as the broadest legal referral network in the world, with members in more countries than any other. It is committed to using the newest technologies to connect clients and lawyers and is unusual in not charging membership fees, so that referrals are on the basis of knowledge alone.

With the support of these two networks, and the many other personal relationships we have forged over the years, we can help our domestic clients to find top quality advisors in other jurisdictions outside Serbia and Montenegro, as well as providing seamless service to international clients requiring advice on Serbian law.

In recognition of our commitment to upholding the highest international standards and our strength in cross-border work, since 2012 we have been asked by the renowned international legal publication ‘Getting the Deal Through’ to prepare overviews of the legal situation in the Republic of Serbia in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions.